Basecamp Childcare at The Bridge FAQs
We've tried to cover everything here but please get in touch if you need more information. 

What’s the adult to child ratio at Basecamp? 

We adhere to Ofsted requirements which for our EYFS children is one adult for every 4 children, and one adult for every 8 children in KS1 and KS2. All children at Basecamp have a dedicated keyworker.  

What qualifications do Basecamp staff have? 

Our most senior staff at Basecamp are qualified childcare professionals who have extensive and relevant experience, they are supported by dedicated and enthusiastic Play Workers. Throughout each session the team ensure children’s safety and wellbeing, they engage children with activities and games, and encourage and participate in child-led play.  

At least one member of staff at each Basecamp session has been trained in paediatric first aid. Every member of staff at Basecamp has completed the Safeguarding Level 2 certification and we have 3 Designated Safeguarding Leads.

What training does Basecamp provide to its staff? 

At Basecamp we are committed to providing high quality childcare, and it’s only by supporting and developing our valued members of staff that we can achieve this. Our staff meet all minimum training requirements, and have also gained skills in additional training covering SEND, advanced safeguarding, first aid, Makaton, and food hygiene.  

As part of our ethos to be a childcare provider with purpose Basecamp is a member of the Living Wage Foundation, our staff are always paid fairly and never, ever for less than the hours they have worked for us.  

Where can I find the Basecamp safeguarding policy? 

Our safeguarding policy is on our website. If you’d like to request a copy please email There is also a printed copy of the policy on display at The Bridge. Please ask a member of staff if you would like to see this.  

Who is the Safeguarding Lead at Basecamp? 

Jon Coppen, Lucy Harper and Lucie Murphy are all qualified Designated Safeguarding Leads.  

What policy does Basecamp have for data protection? 

Our data protection policy is on our website. If you’d like to request a copy please email There is also a printed copy of the policy on display at The Bridge. Please ask a member of staff if you would like to see this. 

 Is Basecamp registered with Ofsted? 

Basecamp has been registered with Ofsted since December 2022, our URN is 2702952. 

What Ofsted rating does Basecamp have? 

Since 2019 Ofsted have used an inspection framework for out-of-school settings where there are three possible judgements: met / not met / not met with enforcement. 

Basecamp provision began in September 2022. Ofsted inspect new providers within 30 months of registration, Ofsted has not yet inspected Basecamp.   

Why is Basecamp not-for-profit? 

Basecamp is not-for-profit because we believe that childcare should be affordable, accessible and that quality and standards shouldn’t ever be compromised by commercial objectives. It’s our ethos to be a childcare provider with purpose, we do as much as we can to support the families whose children we care for and to serve our local community. 

How many children attend Basecamp? 

Each day at Basecamp is different, and each day we have a different number of children at each session, however the maximum number of children we’ll have at any one session is 40. 

This does mean that at times availability is limited, however operating with a limited capacity means that we’re able to focus on quality of care and more tailored support and care for our children.  

Are children from different age groups kept apart at Basecamp? 

Whilst we have a range of age-appropriate toys, activities, and play equipment, children are free to mix with each other, this means siblings can play together without any restrictions, and many of our younger and older children form new friendships, which they also benefit from when they are in their school environment. Our wonderful team are very mindful of our youngest children, and provide them with extra support and reassurance, especially when they are new to Basecamp.  

What’s the relationship between Basecamp and The Bridge? 

In 2022, The Bridge ran a tender process for an out-of-school childcare provider that shared their community values, Basecamp was selected from the applicants and began its operations in September 2022.  

What is the procedure at Basecamp when taking children to and from Halstow school? 

During term time and under the strict supervision of the Basecamp team children are safely escorted to and from school. Before school this involves the children walking through The Pleasaunce where they are dropped off in the school building depending on their year group, and Reception children are handed over directly to their individual class teacher.  

After School, Reception children are collected directly from their class teachers, children in years 1 and 2 are collected by a designated member of the Basecamp team, and meanwhile children in years 3, 4. 5 and 6 are met by another member of the team in the middle hall.  

All the children are then accompanied by the team to The Bridge, with a team member always at the back, middle and front of the group. Together the group enter The Pleasaunce through the top gate on Halstow Road and then proceed to The Bridge. All Reception children wear a high-visibility vest both ways, and we always maintain child to staff ratios, with many of our children choosing to hold hands with their friends or siblings as they transition from one site to the other.  

Who can I speak to at Basecamp if I have any concerns? 

In the first instance please let one of the Basecamp Team Leaders on site know if you have a concern and they will do their best to address this for you. If necessary concerns can be escalated and managed more formally by Lucie Murphy and you can contact her by email or phone. Serious concerns and those relating to Code of Conduct or safeguarding should be reported to Lucie Murphy or Jon Coppen.  

Does Basecamp support children with SEN? 

All members of the Basecamp team are experienced in working with children who have SEN, and several team members are specialists in this area. We work closely with school staff to ensure we provide the best possible support to our SEN children. If a child with an EHCP requires one-to-one care we will seek to provide this.   

Do children do homework at Basecamp? 

Our focus is on nurturing a child’s individual needs. If a child would like to do homework, we are happy to support this. Parents and carers should discuss this with their child’s keyworker.  

Do Basecamp collect children from clubs at school? 

Yes, many of our children attend enrichment clubs at school; they are dropped off and collected by Basecamp staff who follow the same procedure for the start and the end of the school day.  

What happens when my child starts Basecamp? 

When parents register their child(ren) with Basecamp we ask them to share details, for example their child’s likes and dislikes, and what games and activities they enjoy. Before any child starts a  the whole team is briefed in advance. 

Together our staff will do as much as possible to welcome and settle children when they join. Our team can also liaise with parents and teachers to discuss and accommodate any specific needs or considerations.  All Reception children at Basecamp have a dedicated keyworker. 

Do I need to register my child before booking Basecamp childcare? 

Yes please, this only take a few minutes online, or we can email you our registration form if you’d prefer.  

Each child requires a separate registration and we ask for essential details including any medical conditions, allergies, or SEN, and emergency contact details which are safely stored in line with our data protection policy.   

Parents and carers are welcome to register their child/ren with Basceamp at any point, there’s no obligation to make a booking at the same time. Parents and carers who register online create their own account and access to our online system where they can arrange Basecamp childcare at their own convenience, make payments and view and download invoices.  

How flexible are Basecamp bookings? 

Basecamp childcare is available to book on a regular or ad hoc basis. Parents and carers are welcome to arrange their childcare with Basecamp based on their own personal requirements. Providing there’s availability bookings can be made when it’s most convenient for parents and carers; whether that’s months in advance or on the same day.  

Basecamp fees are charged at 30 minute increments and there are no minimum requirements after the first 30 minutes.  

How do I pay for Basecamp Childcare? 

We accept card payments for bookings made online. If parents and carers prefer to arrange Basecamp childcare by phone or email they can pay by making a bank transfer. 

Contract bookings (i.e. the same sessions booked on a regular basis) are invoiced monthly in arrears. Ad hoc bookings (i.e. different sessions booked on different days) are invoiced weekly in arrears.

Same day online bookings are paid for at the point of booking. 

Parents and carers can use childcare vouchers or universal credit towards the cost of Basecamp Childcare.  

What is the cancellation policy for Basecamp bookings? 

At Basecamp it’s imperative we maintain our adult to child ratios, and this involves staffing accordingly. We will also always do our best to accommodate parents and carers requirements and provide flexible booking options. To be able to achieve this we operate a cancellation policy.  

Before and after school bookings: 

  • To cancel or amend a contract booking (i.e. the same sessions on a regular basis) we require a minimum 7 days notice.  
  • If contract bookings are amended with less than 7 days notice we will always try to accommodate the different arrangements, however this will depend on our staff’s availability.  
  • If contract bookings are cancelled with less than 7 days notice we will always consider any mitigating factors, however we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee equivalent to one week’s fees.  
  • To cancel or amend an ad hoc booking (i.e. an individual session) we require a minimum of 24 hours notice.  
  • If ad hoc bookings are amended with less than 24 hours notice we will always try to accommodate the different arrangements, however this will depend on our staff’s availability. 
  • Ad hoc bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice we will be invoiced as usual and can be used as credit towards future bookings.  

School holiday bookings:

  • We treat school holiday bookings made seven or more days before the first day of the booking as advanced bookings. 
  • To cancel or amend advanced school holiday bookings we require a minimum of seven days notice.  
  • If advanced school holiday bookings are amended with less than 7 days notice we will always try to accommodate the different arrangements, however this will depend on our staff’s availability. 
  • Advanced school holiday bookings can be cancelled with notice of 7 days or more. Bookings cancelled with less than 7 days notice will be invoiced as usual and can be applied as credit towards future bookings.  
  • We treat school holiday bookings made less than even days before the first day of the booking as ad hoc bookings. 
  • To cancel or amend an ad hoc booking we require a minimum of 24 hours notice.  
  • If ad hoc bookings are amended with less than 24 hours notice we will always try to accommodate the different arrangements, however this will depend on our staff’s availability. 
  • Ad hoc bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice we will be invoiced as usual and can be used as credit towards future bookings.  

We request that parents and carers make any cancellations or amendments of any bookings online, by email or phone. During all Basecamp sessions our childcare team are entirely focused on taking care of children and cannot deal with the administration of any bookings.  

Any bookings cancelled by Basecamp will be refunded in full. 

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse or exclude any person at any time prior to or during a session if, in our opinion, that person is incompatible with the general wellbeing and safe running of our provision. No refund will be given in this event, and any costs incurred, including any damage, will be the liability of the Parent/Carer and they will be required to collect their child/ren immediately. 

 We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and their training and experience. Excluding a child will be the last resort should we be unable to resolve an issue with the child/ren and their Parent/Carer. We also reserve the right to refuse a booking if our on-site or office staff are subject to any disrespectful or abusive behaviour. 

Please note that we reserve the right to amend any or all of our cancellation policy. Registered parents and carers will be given 7 day's notice before any changes become effective. 

 What food does Basecamp provide?  

Before school children are served breakfast; a selection of healthy cereal, toast with a choice of spreads, and fresh fruit. To drink we serve children water, milk, or fruit juice.  

After school at Basecamp we have a daily menu of healthy and nutritious food that children enjoy at snack times, including fresh fruit and veggie sticks, raisins, bagels and crackers, and at teatimes, including freshly cooked pasta, baked potatoes, sandwiches, and soup.  

Children at Basecamp always have access to fresh water to drink after school, and on especially cold days in the winter we serve warm milk or hot chocolate.  

Children are always fed as soon as they arrive at Basecamp after school, not all children eat at the same time or the same food because they arrive and leave at different times throughout each session.  

During school holidays children are served the same snacks as before and after school during term time, and we ask that they bring their own packed lunch.  

 How does Basecamp monitor children with food allergies? 

When parents enrol their child/ren with Basecamp we ask for details of any food allergies, we safely store this information and ensure all staff are aware of children with allergies, and provide a photo of each child with a list of their allergies attached.  

Our qualified First Aiders receive training to use an EpiPen.  

What relationship does Basecamp have with Halstow? 

At Basecamp we nurture the individual needs of the children we care for, and an integral part of this approach is having strong and trusted relationships with their teachers at school, which is particularly important when the Basecamp team take children to school and collect them at the end of the day.  

As a childcare provider with purpose, Basecamp exists to serve the local community and we liaise closely with the SLT about our provision and to offer support and inclusion as much as possible.  

We also employ Learning Support Assistants from the school to work in the Basecamp team, we’re lucky to benefit from their experience and the children enjoy a continuity of care.  

Does Basecamp have a behavioural policy? 

At Basecamp we are proud of our caring and inclusive culture, our staff lead by example with values of kindness, tolerance and understanding, and encourage all children to recognise why these values are important for all of us, at Basecamp and beyond.  

To support this culture, we apply the Zones of Regulation to help children understand their emotions, how their feelings can affect their behaviour and interactions, and the positive techniques they can use.  

We strongly believe in gentle conflict resolution; staff use this approach as far as possible, however if necessary, staff will implement more structured measures, for example a time-out. Staff will always explain the reasons why to a child, and also their parent or carer.  

Does Basecamp have a policy on discipline? 

As far as possible Basecamp staff will support children to understand their emotions and use the techniques in the Zones of Regulation to promote positive behaviours and relationships. In the event that this approach is not effective, and if a child’s behaviour is continually aggressive or poses a risk to themselves, other children or our staff, as a last resort will ask parents or carers to remove their child from the setting.

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